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Time Clock Software Acroprint Attendance Rx


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Easy to Install and Use Employee Time Clock Software

More information is available at the web site.

Anyone who has processed payroll knows that there are a variety of payroll processing rules that have to be administered. What happens when an employee punches in early? What are the normal work hours and times for breaks? When do overtime hours kick in?

We have all read the news about companies being sued for wage and hour labor law issues. A key contributor for companies losing these claims has been the lack of verifiable data about hours worked by employees.

Acroprint employee time tracking and attendance software solutions are designed to provide you with all of your payroll calculation needs at an affordable price. Easy to install and use employee payroll timeclock in; timeclock out software systems that do not require any terminals; badges or time cards.

View Online Documentation You can view through your Internet browser the same user's guide that is provided with the product.

What is the "Rx" in Attendance Rx? Is this package targeted towards the medical industry?

"Rx" is the product name assigned by Acroprint to match the name used with other products. The software is applicable to all industries -- not just the medical industry.

How does it work?

Attendance Rx is available in a variety of configurations.

  1. Single user version where every employee punches in and out at the same personal computer.

  2. Network version where employees can punch in at multiple personal computers that are reside on the same local area network.

The software is installed and an administrator password is created for the person who will be defining employees and the associated payroll rules. After the rules have been defined; each employee can punch in and out at a personal computer terminal. At the end of the pay period; the administrator logs on to the system to review and optionally print time sheets before electronically transferring the hours worked data to your payroll system.

Can exempt employees log absences?

YES. Exempt employees are paid for working their normal work hours; but must report absences. Time slips are available as a standard feature of the package for exempt employees to record their absences. Get rid of those manual time sheets for exempt employees today!


  • Available in single machine and network configurations.

  • Supports up to 50 employees with the option to upgrade to 100 employees.

  • Ideal for small to mid-sized businesses

  • Exempt employee absence reporting.

  • Suitable for office or shop floor - anywhere a personal computer is available

  • Powerful and versatile; yet economical and easy to use

  • All employees "punch in and out" at one personal computer (single user version)

  • Print individual employee time slips for signatures

  • No need to purchase terminals; badges or time cards

  • Reports regular hours; two levels of overtime; vacation; sick/personal hours and other categories

  • Supervisor can print time card reports; hours summary; who's in reports

  • User/password protected

  • System can be set for manual punch entry or batch time slips

  • Payroll exports to ADP; PayChex; Peachtree; Quick Books Pro and more
  • System Requirements:

  • IBM? PC compatible computer with Pentium? 233Mhz or higher processor

  • 64MB Memory

  • 170MB available hard drive space

  • Windows Operating Systems.
  • The network version of Time Station PC only operates in a local area network environment (as opposed to a wide area network). The network version is not available as an instant download. You will need a physical CD to carry to each workstation for installation.

    Software support is available from Acroprint during the first 30 days of ownership. A nominal support fee is charged after the first 30 days. Acroprint support can be reached directly at 800-334-7190.

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    Acroprint Attendance Rx Timeclock Software Single User or Network Version
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